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This Spells Love by Kate Robb

This Spells Love

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by Kate Robb

Quick take

Be careful what you wish for: an attempted memory wipe of a bad ex leaves a young woman a stranger to her best friend.

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Why I love it

Katherine Center
Author, Hello Stranger

There’s a unique pleasure to a what-if story. Bending reality a little bit to eye it from a different angle is always compelling, and This Spells Love does just that in such a page-turning way. There’s a feeling like anything could happen, but also hints that benevolent forces might be at work.

Playing around with an old magic book, protagonist Gemma makes a wish that she hadn’t just wasted four years on the wrong man—and then she kisses her best guy friend, Dax, to seal it. The next day, that wish comes true. She wakes up in a different version of her life: one that erases that failed relationship—but also one where Dax doesn’t know who she is.

Now, if she wants to reverse the spell, she’ll have to convince this other version of Dax—who barely knows her—to kiss her again. What follows drives Gemma to examine how she really feels about herself, and her career, and Dax . . . and to take risks like never before.

This story brims with snappy dialogue, instantly endearing characters, and an irresistible friends-to-lovers romance. Gemma gets a chance that those of us stuck in reality never get—and it’s so fun to watch her take it. What a treat of a read!

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What if one little wish changed everything?

When Gemma gets dumped by her long-term boyfriend, she reacts the way any reasonable twenty-eight-year-old would: by getting drunk with her sister, kooky aunt, and best friend, Dax. After one too many margaritas, they decide to perform a love-cleansing spell, which promises to erase Gemma’s ex from her memory. They follow all the instructions, including a platonic kiss from Dax to seal the deal.

When Gemma wakes up, she realizes that this silly spell has worked. Not only does it seem that she never dated her ex, but the rest of her life is completely unrecognizable. The worst part: Dax has no idea who she is.

To reverse the spell and get back to her old life, Gemma must convince her once-best-friend-now-near-stranger to kiss her. But as she carries out her plans, she finds herself falling for him—hard. Soon, Gemma begins to wonder whether she even wants to go back to the way things once were. What if Dax was The One all along?

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